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  • Mipox Precision Polishing Film Mipox Precision Polishing Film
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    - Offering excellent high precision finishing and greater lot-to-lot uniformity - Water and oil resistant - Curve polishing also available - Automatic polishing by machines is possible, yielding consistent polishing results - A wide product line-up, including aluminum oxide and diamond - Full line-up in the range from #320 to #20000

    Target industry: Precision Equipment Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment Electrical/Electronic Parts

    Mipox Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  • HR224 HR224
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    A high-performance printer that pursues printing precision other competitors are not capable of Achieved + 0.3mm of high precision printing position 609 dpi of high density printing The most suitable for printing and issuing hyper micro size labels and those for managing two dimensional codes

    Target industry: Automotive Parts Electrical/Electronic Parts Precision Equipment

    SATO Auto-ID Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

  • forming tap series forming tap series
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    Forming tap series is expected to be a stable long life since it does not require creating cutting chips. The latest type of XPF achieves high efficiency tapping towards that conventionally considered to be unsuitable, such as tapping on stainless steels that uses water soluble coolant oil and that of high hardened materials over 30Hrc. Please feel free to contact OSG if you have any troubles with tapping and you will find the key to solving a problem.

    Target industry: Automotive/Transport Machinery Automotive Parts Precision Equipment

    OSG Asia Pte Ltd.(Malaysia Branch)