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Vacuum apparatus

Vacuum apparatus

  • Small capacity vacuum heating equipment "Glass Tube Oven GTO-2000" Small capacity vacuum heating equipment "Glass Tube Oven GTO-2000"
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    The Glass Tube Oven is vacuum heating equipment to distillate, fractionate, dry and sublimate small amounts of samples under reduced pressure. As this product can rotate and heat under reduced pressure, heat-sensitive or high-boiling point substances can be processed quickly. It is used for distillation of high-boiling point compounds or small amounts of samples and is distributed under the name of “Kugelrohr.” The core component of the GTO-2000 model is its oven and, with the rotating unit and a combination of distillation, fractionation, concentration and drying units, heat drying can be performed. We have two types of products in our lineup – the rotation heating model with which small amounts of samples can be distillated, fractionated and concentrated under reduced pressure and the drying model for sample drying. [Features] • Maximum temperature can be set up to 350℃ • Glass coated heater with high thermal insulation vacuum jacket • Rotation heating model: rotation speed adjustment with volume knob • Drying model: heater block section has up to 45-degree inclination angle • One pattern has 9 steps, and up to 9 patterns of temperature rise programming is available * For more details, please contact us or download our catalog

    Target industry: Scientific/Physics and Chemistry Instruments Chemical Materials/Products Food/Beverage


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