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Food machine/Related equipment

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    Simply by driving over it, this soft gel mat removes dust and dirt from the tires of indoor heavy vehicles. LIFT-MAT® is so innovative, it can be installed without double-sided tape, and used repeatedly just by wiping it with a wet cloth. Introducing LIFT-MAT® will not only remove dust and dirt from tires, but will also improve the cleanliness of your factory floors. 1. Strong structure incorporates core materials → Able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles 2. Easy maintenance with just wet wiping 3. Can be used repeatedly → After being wiped with a wet cloth, the mat will regain its adhesive capacity for repeated use. No operational expense. 4. Incredible dust removal rate of 99% → In swab tests, after 1000 runs over the mat, the removal rate of ATP + AMP is 99% of capacity when brand new. 5. No double-sided tape required → The natural adhesive properties of the gel helps stick the mat to the floor, with no adhesive residue remaining. A light-vehicle type, used for dust removal from the tires of light vehicles or shoes, is also available. Washable and able to be used repeatedly, LIFT-MAT® has longer durability compared to conventional peel-off mats, providing significant cost reduction. Please contact us for more details.

    Target industry: Food/Beverage Semiconductors/LCD/FPD Medical Supplies/Biotechnology

    Exseal corporation., ltd.

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