Digital Force Gauge ZTS/ZTA series

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Digital Force Gauge ZTS/ZTA series

Digital Force Gauge ZTS/ZTA series

A force measuring instrument for compression/ tension/ peel.

[Basic Information]
- 2 models are available. ZTS series: Standard type. ZTA: Advanced model adding to other functions to ZTS.
- Available for Compression/Tension.
- Capacity: 2N(200gf)~5000N(500kgf)
- High Accuracy +/- 0.2%Full Scale
- Unit switching: N/kN/ kgf/ gf/ lbf/ ozf(*Depends on capacity.)
- Peak hold function
- Pass/Fail decision
- USB connection to PC. Data acquisition software is included.
- 8 types of fixtures for elementary compression/tension tests

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Target industry

Automotive Parts  Electrical/Electronic Parts  Precision Equipment

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Products and services features

High operability and functionality. Capable of various force test such as measuring peak value, high-repeatable test and more.
1. High visible display adopting OEL. It clearly shows the values at a dark place or from a side.
2. Peak values are accurately captured by High speed sampling rate 2000Hz. The peak value is able to be stored in the force gauge and transferred to PC
3. Included software ZT-Logger helps easy data management. It is also possible to receive continuous data at max. 10Hz. Date and time are automatically input at value reading. Max. and Min values are automatically calculated as well. Optional software Force Recorder draw a real-time graph at 2000Hz sampling rate.

[Advanced functions of ZTA series]
1. Input/ Output displacement function: Displacement input/output is possible when connecting a force test stand equipping a linear scale. * Please refer FSA series for the detail of measurements of Force-Displacement relationship.
2. Continuous data is storable to a USB flash drive: Testing data is able to be stored at 100 Hz sampling rate in no PC circumstance.

Usage / example

Force Gauge is used at QC and R&D fields for force tests (Compression/ Tension/Peel). IMADA mechanical force gauges, also called “Push pull gauge “,are available for various industries Car, Industrial equipment, Electric component, Food, Packaging in the world.


Standard Model Digital Force Gauge ZTS series



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