DTXS/DTXA series

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DTXS/DTXA series

DTXS/DTXA series

Screw Cap Torque Tester with high accuracy by 2000Hz sampling rate

The torque gauge for bottle opening/ closing torque measurements. Accurate torque measurements are possible with 2000Hz high speed sampling rate. It is ideal for the torque transition analyses by the optional software which draws a graph in detail. The table size and the clamp pin materials are selectable. It helps to hold various samples properly such as a tall sample, a slippery sample etc.

[Basic Information]
Available for CW/CCW torque.
Data sampling rate is 2000Hz.
Capacity 2N-m(200N-cm)~10N-m(1000N-cm)
Accuracy +/-0.5%F.S+/-1digit.
Selectable Unit N-m/ N-cm/kg-m/kg-cm/ lbf-in/ ozf-in
Peak hold function
Pass/Fail decision function
It is possible to output for external equipment such as a PC by USB connection.

[The Advance Functions of DTXA series]
1. Angle displacement input and output are possible when mounting a rotary encoder.
2. It can be stored the continuous data directly in a USB flash drive at 100Hz without PC.
3. 1st /2nd peaks detection. It is useful for unopened bottle opening test which have 2 types of torque peak. For example, 1st peak is open-starting torque and 2nd peak is twist-off torque of a tamper-evident band at the test.

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Target industry

Medical Supplies/Biotechnology  Consumer Products  Food/Beverage

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Products and services features

- Accurate torque measurement is possible with the reducing mechanism of weight influences by supporting the table with bearing.
- It holds various size and shape sample properly.
- Drawing a graph is possible by the optional software.
- High visible OEL display. In addition, data managements are easy with the various display functions (date, time and others).

Usage / example

- Screw cap torque test for bottle opening/closing torque.
- Operability torque of focus/zooming ring of a camera lens.
- Lock/Unlock operability torque of a key etc.


Screw-cap Tester DTXS/DTXA Series



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