[Standard model] Motorized vertical test stand“MX2 Series”

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[Standard model] Motorized vertical test stand“MX2 Series”

[Standard model] Motorized vertical test stand“MX2 Series” MX2シリーズ

Test stand for tension and compression testing. Vertical motorized test stand comes with various useful functions, ideal for endurance tests.

The MX2 Series is a test stand which can be used as a simplified tension/compression tester when paired with a force gauge and attachments.

Compared to measurement with a force gauge alone, results are more replicable.

Imada offers over 50 force gauge models and over 100 types of attachments for test stands to provide optimal measurement solutions to our customers.

■Maintains uniform test speed and direction for highly replicable measurement.
-Digital test speed setting
-Applies straight load
→Reduces inconsistency by different testers

■Endurance, repeat and various other tests
-Endurance and repeat tests with timer and counter functions
-Provides the following functions when used with ZTS/ZTA force gauge and CB-518 cable
 ・Overload prevention
 ・Controls movements by load values
 ・Automatic start / recording of graph drawing

■Easy operation
-Easy test speed and repeat cycle number settings with a dial and monitor

■Peeling tests / friction coefficient measurement
-Not only for tension and compression testing, but also suitable for peeling tests and friction coefficient measurement

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Measurement/Analytical Instruments 

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Products and services features

(From the left, specifications for MX2-500N / 1000N / 2500N / 5000N)
■Models: MX2-500N / 1000N / 2500N / 5000N
■Maximum load: 500N / 1000N / 2500N / 5000N
■Maximum sample height (* 1): 235mm / 300mm / 320mm / 380mm
■Deflection: 0.5mm or less
■Travel speed: 10 ~ 300mm / min
■Control functions: emergency stop, load control (* 2), overload prevention (* 2) (* 3)
■Voltage: AC100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz
■Weights: approx. 18kg / 19kg / 26kg / 51kg

* 1: Distance between the table and the axis of the digital force gauge ZTS/ZTA Series when head is fully raised.
* 2: With a ZTS/ZTA series force gauge and CB-518 cable.
* 3: Doesn’t guarantee full overload prevention.

* For details, please download our PDF documents or feel free to contact us.

Usage / example

Compression tests
(Pressure / puncture / bending)
Tension tests
(Tear / tensile fracture strength / wire harness / lead-free solder)
Peeling tests
(45°/90°/180° peeling tests on tapes and films)
Coefficient of friction measurement
(Measurement of coefficient of dynamic/static friction on films and paper)




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