Imada “Data Analysis Software”

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Imada “Data Analysis Software”

Imada “Data Analysis Software”

English version available. Live data from the digital force gauge is transmitted, processed and displayed as graphs to visualize load transition.

Imada Data Analysis Software generates real-time graphs from load data transmitted by the digital force gauge, connected to a PC with a USD or RS232C cable. Data management and analysis are easy.

■Benefits of using this software
Processing data to graphs visualizes the load transition. Statistics are automatically generated, and data is saved. Data management becomes easy.

[Our software]
●Force-Recorder (Standard/Light): load-time (torque-time) graph drawing software
●Force Recorder (Professional): load-displacement (torque-angle) graph drawing software
●Force Logger Plus: multiple force gauge data management software
●ZLINK4: load-time (torque-time) graph drawing software
●ZP Recorder: load-time graph drawing software
●F-S Recorder: load-displacement graph drawing software
●HCC-Easy: tension graph drawing software

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Measurement/Analytical Instruments 

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[About software grades]
For load-displacement graph drawing (*). Comes with analytic functions such as graph overlay and editing.
* For load-displacement measurement using force gauge ZTA series. A test stand with built-in displacement meter and connecting cable are required.

Graph overlay for comparison, editing and saving. Recommended for trend analysis of load graphs produced with data collected from the force gauge ZTS series.

For simply creating and viewing graphs. Suitable if you need just to create graphs and save data collected from the Force Gauge ZTS series.

○Force Logger Plus
Collect and process data from up to 4 force gauges. Serial numbers are given to each force gauge to merge with other information such as department names.

Load-time graph drawing software at 50Hz data transmission speed. Start and end load values can be programmed for automatic recording.

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