Option for SPEEDIO Rotary Table T-200A

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Option for SPEEDIO Rotary Table T-200A

Option for SPEEDIO Rotary Table T-200A T-200A

Further enhancement of SPEEDIO productivity

Adoption of Roller Gear Cam Mechanism
1.High Productivity
2.High Accuracy
3.Maintenance free

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Option for SPEEDIO Rotary Table T-200A

■Roller Gear Cam Mechanism
By preloading the input and output shafts beforehand, the four cam followers can be always kept in contact with the cam surface, which eliminates backlash and provides high rigidity.
In addition, the cam followers that rotate can transmit the motor torque efficiently, and therefore, they can rotate at low torque and be used for a long term, without wear and adjustment.

■High Productivity
Combining the roller gear cam with the proper motor provides high acceleration and high rotation speed.
In addition, machining can be performed only by the holding torque with motor without using the clamp mechanism depending on the machining load.

■High Accuracy
Backlash can be eliminated with preloading the cam followers.
Even machining with the turning direction in reverse will not adversely affect the machining surface.

■Maintenance free
There is very little wear because the contact area is a rolling surface that rotates.
While the worm gear requires regular adjustment, the roller gear cam does not require any adjustment even in long term use.

■High Stability
The system offers high transmission efficiency between theinput and output shafts.
This completely eliminates vibration and oscillation which are likely to occur during inertia or with unbalanced fixtures, thereby always providing stable operationat high speed.
Even when fixtures or workpieces are changed, the adjustments such as parameters are not so much required.

■Reliable Service
One contact window throughout inquiry to after-sale service together with SPEEDIO.


Special SPEEDIO Option Rotary Table T-200A



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