Brother Multi-Tasking Machine SPEEDIO M300X3 / M200X3

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Brother Multi-Tasking Machine SPEEDIO M300X3 / M200X3

Brother Multi-Tasking Machine SPEEDIO M300X3 / M200X3 M300X3 / M200X3

Evolving Process Integration Machine

Brother’s competitive high-productivity technologies are fused with process integrated machining where both turning and milling are performed on one machine, achieving great improvement in production efficiency when machining mass production parts.
Two new models have been added that can handle larger workpieces and with an option to install a manpower reduction unit, to become a Series that can handle a variety of machining.

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M300X3 / M200X3


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Target industry

Automotive Parts  Machine Parts  Metallic Products/Parts

Company information

Brother Commercial Thailand, LTD. Machine Tools Technical Center Brother Commercial Thailand, LTD. Machine Tools Technical Center

Products and services features

Brother Multi-Tasking Machine SPEEDIO M300X3 / M200X3

■Features and effects
・Process integration in one machine
Workpieces previously machined using a turning center and a machining center can now be machined on one machine with machining processes integrated.
This reduces handling time between machines.

■Machine Structure
The machine has an original design, including the magazine structure, that keeps the machine compact while maintaining the
rigidity of each axis and the balance of rigidity.

■Expansion of machining area
Wide machining area has been secured to allow more flexibility for jig design to meet a variety of workpiece machining.

・Fast acceleration/deceleration spindle
・High-speed tool change
・High-speed synchronized tapping
・Simultaneous operation

■Milling capabilities
As the spindle can provide high torque even in the medium- and high-speed range, the machine fully demonstrates its capabilities in high-speed, high-efficiency machining of aluminum or steel.

■Turning capabilities
High-efficiency machining is achieved by the high-output turning spindle with a maximum speed of 2,000 min-1, and the turning tool secured by the double plunger lock.

■Improved clamp force
・C-axis clamp force
・A-axis clamp (optional)

Chip discharge performance and handling capability have been improved along with the expansion of the machine area.
In addition, the machine is equipped with functions to improve reliability, such as chip shower and air-assisted tool washing.

Usage / example

■Target machining parts
・EV motor frame
・Hub bearing
・Air conditioner scroll
・Constant-velocity joint
・Artificial bone parts
・Valve cylinder
・Piping parts
・Cross roller


Multi-Tasking Machine SPEEDIO M300X3 / M200X3



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