Borosilicate Glass Conical Beaker (Laboratoryware)

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Borosilicate Glass Conical Beaker (Laboratoryware)

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Borosilicate Glass Conical Beaker (Laboratoryware)

Borocilicate glass Conical Beaker made in Japan. HARIO laboratory glassware is carefully desgined that it uses selected materials and particular about satisfying the user's impression of use.

Conical Beaker made from borosilicate glass "H-32" which has low coefficient of expansion
Its excellence in scientific durability and heat-resisting property make H-32 a prominent material for laboratory wares.
It is proven by the examination made at material level (rod): it has very small elongation and contraction when affected by rapid heating/ cooling and it can resist 250 ℃ temperature difference shock.
Our beakers are used for variety of R&D and experiment fields including physics and chemistry experiments.
Capacity (mL): 50,100,200,300,500,1000,2000
Min Outer Diameter (mm): 32 - 96
Max Outer Diameter (mm): 50 - 150
Height (mm): 71 - 230

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Target industry

Medical Supplies/Biotechnology  Food/Beverage  Hospital/Medical/Welfare

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Products and services features

HARIO.“King Hari”,the king of glass.
We produce laboratory glassware since 1921 as a manufacture of heatproof borocilicate glass.The authenticity of HARIO laboratory glassware is backed by its solid history and trust.
■ “H-32”Hario-32 glass
“H-32”,heatproof borocilicate glass with a low coefficient of thermal expansion has been completed over many years of research.
■ Excellent chemical properties
“H-32”does not contain any heavy metal,zinic and cadmium as well as sulfurous acid and antimony which are usually used as from breaker.Thus it is safely usable for chemical analyses.
■ Electric glass melting furnace
Electric glass melting furnace actualize our production of glass base with excelent homogenity. Its pollution-free electric furnace system is highly evaluated as a high-efficiency glass melting furnace.
■ Heatproof Quality
Heatproof property of glass is decided by its heatproof temperature difference.As distinctive features,“H-32”has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and glass does not expand and contract by rapid heating / cooling. Its heatproof property that glass can stand 250℃ temperature difference shock is proven by the examination at material level(stick).
■ Certified by RoHS

Usage / example

[intended use]
Physics and chemistry experiments
Food development
Medicine and cosmetic development
For various other development field.


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