Cotyledon Technology Co., Ltd. (57619)

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Cotyledon Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cotyledon Technology Co., Ltd.

Responding quickly to the change of the times and environment, we fully support our customers’ operations with our high-quality services using the latest IT technologies.

Business description

Software planning, development and sales
Design, development, maintenance as well as consulting of system
Preparing plans for information processing system development or dispatching system design engineers.
Any and all other activities related to the above.

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Company profile

A cotyledon is a leaf within the embryo of a seed that provides energy and nutrients for the developing plant. In the same way, with our technology, our company can support yours as it grows and develops.
Our company was established in July 2014, aiming at development, sales and export of our electronic media platform, “New Style Content Creator,” and our highly-secure PDF browsing system, “Assistant Viewer”.
Using “New Style Content Creator,” anyone can create electronic manuals and electronic catalogues embedded in a video. “Assistant Viewer” allows sharing and browsing of confidential documents, design documentations, etc. without sending files to third parties such as affiliated partners. (Both “New Style Content Creator” and “Assistant Viewer” have been granted provisional patents.)
We aim to be your business partner who can respond quickly to changes in the times and environment. We will help our customers boost their competitiveness and maximize their business values as we expand our system/services and offer ever more value-added services.

Postal code



Tokyo, Japan


Thiyodaku Hikashikanda 2-8-3 PSbuildang5F

Established date



6000000 JPY

Number of employees

Less than 10

Main customers

NEC Corporation, including their group companies
Fujitsu Limited, including their group companies
NTT DATA Corporation, including their group companies
Toshiba Solutions Corporation
1st Holdings, Inc., including their group companies
Advertising agencies, publishers, printing companies and more





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Sales office / distributor

Cotyledon Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
千代田区東神田2-8-3 PSビル5階



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