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Konoshima Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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Konoshima Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Konoshima Chemical brings you “safety and comfort” with our high-quality original technologies.

Business description

1. Building materials
Manufacture of ceramic-based exterior materials for houses, interior materials for buildings and houses, fireproofing protection plates, and fireproof panels for buildings

2. Chemicals
Magnesium oxide, high-purity magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate

3. Ceramics
Development, manufacture and sales of high-quality and high-performance ceramics

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Company profile

[Continue to explore widely and deeply the potential of the rapidly-changing field of inorganic chemistry]
For over 90 years since its establishment in 1917, inorganic chemistry manufacturer Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd. has gained extensive experience as a pioneer in the industry.
In modern society, technology requirements have become ever more diverse and sophisticated, in areas such as global environmental issues and advanced information technology. In consideration of the environment, we specialize, differentiate and functionalize to provide products ensuring safety and livability in the world around us, with ceramic-based building materials, high-purity chemicals, ceramics, etc.
Konoshima Chemical will continue striving to meet emerging challenges in the inorganic chemical field following our company philosophy: “Master technology principles and put them to use for the good of society.”

[From powders to molded products to meet society’s needs]
In recent years, automobile, the electronics and optical communication industries have progressed remarkably. We supply many essential products to support various industries behind the scenes, from magnesium compounds or other high-value-added materials to ceramic-based building materials and highly functional molded products.
Konoshima Chemical will continue responding to contemporary demand in order to meet a wide range of requirements.

Postal code



Osaka, Japan


3-15, Awaza-1, Nishi-ku,








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