Nikuni Co., Ltd. (49047)

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Nikuni Co., Ltd.

Nikuni Co., Ltd.

Nikuni Corporation ~ “Advanced Total Technologies”

Business description

- Vortex turbine pumps/seal-less pumps for LCDs, semiconductors and ultra-pure water
- Centrifugal pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, three-barreled high pressure diaphragm pumps
- Pump application devices/fine bubble generators, ozone water manufacturing equipment, liquid chemical dissolution equipment, industrial and medical vacuum systems, deoxygenation devices, coolant filtration systems, coolant anti-corrosion units
- Electronic control units/water quality management devices, liquid injection control devices, multi-point color boundary sensors
- Optical equipment, precision machined parts
- Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
- Precision components

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Nikuni Corporation contributes to society through our advanced total technologies based mainly on pumping technologies, together with coolant units, filtration systems, applied pumping technologies, etc.
A drop of water becomes a river flowing through the land until it reaches the sea. When man realized the immeasurable potential of the energy hidden in liquids, pumps were invented. Since then technologies to control liquids have been developed. The advent of the 21st century has given us a glimpse of the exciting innovations still to come. To realize our ambitious goals, we see our future in the integration of hydrodynamics, mechatronics and electronics - the 21st Century version - starting with pumping systems and optical devices. Nikuni will continue to strive for excellence while looking toward the future.

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Kanagawa, Japan


843-5 Kuji, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City





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