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    'Power supply terminal' are electric power source terminal for inserting in board and mounting with solder. 9 types that can be mounted from top or side. 2 types of surface treatment : gold plating and tin plating. Wiring can be performed easily using Hirosugi ground terminals. [Power supply terminals (insulation type) MIS ] are for soldering to board. Have 4pins for insertion into board, allowing secure fixing. Pins are embedded in resin stand preventing short circuits due to contact from the side. Electrification from board is possible by mounting ground terminals. <feature> [HP] ○ 4 mounting screw sizes : M2, M2.6, M3, M4. ○ Gold or tin plated mounting screws are included, "S" or "GS" at end of product code. [MIS] ○ Insulative effects can be improved by using PPS screws sold separately. ○ Choose from screw diameters of M2,M2.6 and M3, each with heights of 4, 6, 8, and 10mm. ●Please inquiry for the details or download the catalogue.

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Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd. Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.
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