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  • Cheer Pack® Barrier Spout Cheer Pack® Barrier Spout
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    Barrier spouts use a barrier material inside the spout to prevent oxygen and water vapor from entering the pouch. It is possible to prevent deterioration and changing color of the contents in the spout. It is available for hot filling and retort filling. It complies with international standards such as FDA and EU.

  • Spot FC (Child Resistance) Spot FC (Child Resistance)
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    Since the edge part of Stick does not have an easy tear function, it cannot be opened even if the infant bites or touches it. Spot FC can add the easy tear function in any size at the selected part.

  • Soft Cartridge™PAT. Soft Cartridge™PAT.
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    Soft Cartridge™ replaces conventional paper and plastic cartridge products. After the content (adhesive or caulking materials) is dispensed, the inner cartridge collapses to only one-eighth of the original size. This contributes significantly to waste reduction. Soft Cartridge™ is also lightweight, weighing up to 40% less than a standard plastic cartridge. A conventional caulking gun is used for dispesing. Soft Cartridge™ won a Gold Award in the non-food category of the 2001 DuPont Awards.

  • FC Cut™PAT. FC Cut™PAT.
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    What makes Fancy Cut™ so attractive is its superior ease of opening by hand. At present, flexible packaging use a variety of techniques and methods to make packages easier for the consumer to open.Hosokawa Yoko has developed a manufacturing technique called Fancy Cut™ that makes a package open extremely easy without the use of any visible tear notch or laser score on the film itself.Fancy Cut™ is particularly convenient and practical for packages generally opened with scissors or packages whose contents are easily spilled or wasted upon opening.Fancy Cut™ applied to stick pack packages has become the easy open feature of choice throughout the world,leading to a variety of licensing agreements with leading film manufacturers around the globe.

  • Cheer Pack®PAT. Cheer Pack®PAT.
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    Hosokawa Yoko's original packaging for beverages, juices, sports drinks, jellies, honeys, applesauces, purees and soups. Especially, Cheer Pack has a long history as a packaging for liquids and jellies in Japanese market. Cheer Pack® can be customized for retort and frozen application.

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Hosokawa Yoko Co., Ltd. Hosokawa Yoko Co., Ltd.
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