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  • [Contract manufacturing] Break hands [Contract manufacturing] Break hands
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    Founded more than 50 years ago, automotive part manufacturer Risshyo Corporation specializes in flat springs. We contract-manufacture the break hands of chainsaws for tree cutting. Mass-production has been speeding up in fields where standardized specifications can be applied, such as automotive part manufacturing. We also provide automotive interior part assemblies and do other contract manufacturing, which uses flat spring processing technology. [Specifications] Materials: SUS301-CSP, SUS304-CSP, bainite, etc. Thickness: 0.8 ~ 1.0mm * For details, please download our PDF documents or feel free to contact us.

  • Hose clamp “Crescent Clamp®” Hose clamp “Crescent Clamp®”
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    Crescent Clamp® is a hose clamp developed with pride by Risshyo. We call it “Crescent” because it is designed to vary the band thickness along the circumference. With this specially engineered design, circularity in the clamp’s expansion is well maintained to even out the pressure imposed on the circumference (tightening force). This feature directly affects leak prevention capacity. In addition, as no slits are used to vary the band width to obtain similar results, this product delivers higher rates of band tension with the same width and thickness. Its leaf spring design brings better assembly workability, or cost effectiveness, and easier maintenance without requiring re-tightening. Currently, our clamp is widely used by major automotive manufacturers in Japan and Europe, as well as in other industries, such as residential facilities, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, industrial machinery and more. With this product, we have provided the industry with premium technology over a long period of time. * For details, please download our PDF documents or feel free to contact us.

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Risshyo Corp. Risshyo Corp.
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