Case study: To apply small amount of two-component epoxy glue by stable mixing.

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Case study: To apply small amount of two-component epoxy glue by stable mixing.

Case study: To apply small amount of two-component epoxy glue by stable mixing.

Heishin Dispenser can control to apply very small amount like micro litter level.
This is used for high viscous glue in electric industry.

Liquid: Two-component epoxy glue
Industry: Electronic components

【Current problems】
Customer applies two-comonent glue to electrical parts.
However, exsiting pneumatic dispenser has problems like,
1. It takes time to apply due to high viscosity.
2. Ambient temperature effects on viscosity. So mixing is not well and gule does not cure.
3. Dripping happens.

【Solution and Customer benefit】
All problems are clear by Heishin dispenser,
■Heishin Dispenser can apply high viscosity quickly and acurately. So the cycle time becomes on half.
■Poor mixing is clear caused by high viscosity.
■Suck-back is available with servo motor and no dripping. It does not make jig dirty.

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【Advantage of Heishin Dispenser】
■Much less adjusting times
It can reduce many adjusting times since dispense volume does not change by changed viscosity.

■Reduce material loss
It can control minimum volume to dispense accurately, so material loss is very limited caused by too much dispense.

■Quick dispense for high viscosity
More than 500,000mPa・s is available by high pressure due to pumping structure close to needle.

■Improve quality
High accuracy and stable dispense by progressive cavity pump based design.

■Easy for setting
Dispense volume is proportional to motor speed. It is easy to adjust servo motor only.

■Accurate dotting
Based on excellence mertering progressive cavity pump with servo motor and precise gear, acurate repeating dispense by required setting.

■Uniform bead line
No more too much dispenser at the starting point due to precise control.

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