What is a thermistor? Mitsubishi Materials' Thermistor Sensors

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What is a thermistor? Mitsubishi Materials' Thermistor Sensors

What is a thermistor?  Mitsubishi Materials' Thermistor Sensors

The NTC thermistor of Mitsubishi Materials provides high precision, high speed response, high heat resistance products, and they have thermistor elements and temperature sensors.

What is a thermistor?

A thermistor is a device type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors.
Assuming, that the relationship between resistance and temperature is linear, then:
   ⊿R = α ⊿T
Thermistors can be categorized into two types, depending on the classification of α.
If α is positive, the resistance increases with increasing temperature, and the device is called a Positive Temperature Coefficient(PTC) thermistor.
If α is negative, the resistance decreases with increasing temperature, and the device is called aNegative Temperature Coefficient(NTC) thermistor.
PTC thermistors are used self-resetting overcurrent protectors like a fuse, or are used self-regulating heating elements.
NTC thermistors are used widely as a temperature sensors, or are used inrush current limiter.
NTC thermistor application is widely used for temperature detection of electronic devices and appliances for NTC thermistor function, performance and price reasons.

Mitsubishi Materials' NTC thermistors are manufactured from high purity and uniform materials to achieve a construction of near-perfect theoretical density.
This ensures small size, tight resistance and B-value tolerances, and fast response to temperature variations, making a highly sensitive and precision component.
Thermistor is available in a wide range of types to meet your demands for small size and high reliability.

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Target industry

Automotive Parts  Consumer Electrical Appliances  Industrial Machinery/Devices

Company information

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Electronic Components Division Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Electronic Components Division

Products and services features

Thermistors change resistance when the temperature changes. Our NTC thermistors are capable of measuring temperature very precisely due to our unique raw materials.
Our broad product lineup includes surface mount, leaded, and sensor types for any application.

A. SMD Type
Surface mount thermistors are mounted on PCBs with other electronics, so they are used in HDD temperature compensation circuits, optical pickups for CD/DVD drives, battery pack monitoring, and temperature compensation/detection for many different applications. We make a wide range of different resistance and different B-value high precision, small size, and high temperature thermistors.

B. Leaded Type
Leaded thermistors are used for temperature compensation/detection in battery packs, medical instruments, home electronics, automobiles, and many other applications.
We manufacture both resin coated and glass encapsulated thermistors.

C. Temperature sensors
Among temperature sensors, there exists thermistors, RTDs, thermocouples, and ICs, but thermistors are most often used in electronic devices. Mitsubishi Materials uses our own developed raw materials and process to manufacture extremely accurate thermistors. They are used in household and consumer electronics, automobiles, and many other applications.
We can customize them for lead length and connector style for your application.

Usage / example

Household electronics
   Air conditioner
    remote control
    air temperature measurement
    heat exchanger
    delivery pipe
   Washing & Drying machine
   Instant boiler・Hot boiler
Power modules (IGBT)
Optical communication modules
Battery packs
  LED headlight
  Navigation, audio
  Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  Oil / Coolant Temperature Sensor


Mitsubishi Materials' NTC Thermistor Sensors