Unified Communications Microphone & Speaker System “YVC-1000”

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Unified Communications Microphone & Speaker System “YVC-1000”

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Unified Communications Microphone & Speaker System “YVC-1000” YVC-1000

Smart Separation for Closer Communication

[For 8 to 40 participants, medium-to-large conference spaces]
Up to 5 separate microphones, each suitable for about 8 conference participants, can be chained.
For larger conferencing, you can connect an external microphone and PA speakers. The system can be used for remote classes of about 100 participants or web seminars.

[Smooth integration of video and audio for natural remote communication]
The YVC-1000 features separate microphone and speaker units.
This high-performance, full-range speaker unit can be placed close to the video display so that the audio and video from a remote location blend naturally, while adaptive echo canceller and other Yamaha sound processing technologies facilitate stress-free conversation.
The YVC-1000 brings you natural, comfortable remote communication.

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Target industry

Information/Communication Devices 

Company information

Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Products and services features

[Excellent scalability for a wide range of applications]
Up to four (in total five) additional microphones YVC-MIC1000EX can be added to adjust the system to suit the layout and size of the space or the number of participants. In addition, external speakers can be used to cover a wider area to accommodate more participants for larger-scale conferences or remote seminars.

[User-friendly design]
The YVC-1000 automatically optimizes its acoustic settings by learning about the acoustic environment of a room as it operates. When time limitations make speed an issue, simply pressing the tuning fork button activates the automatic audio tuning function, immediately optimizing the acoustic settings for your current environment. If any acoustic problems are detected, the tuning button lights up orange to warn the user.

[A high quality conferencing experience]
The YVC-1000 incorporates many high-quality sound technologies that Yamaha has developed over the years, such as adaptive echo canceller.
Human Voice Activity Detection technology, which is used to accurately distinguish human voices from other sounds coming thorough microphones, is embedded in different sound processing features. This allows it to clearly separate voices from noises to make speaking and listening a more relaxed and stress-free experience.

Usage / example

This product is widely used all over the world by many different types of corporate businesses both large and small. Not just for remote meetings, it’s also used at remote seminars, in the education and medical industries, etc.




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