Baking systems

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Baking systems

Baking systems

We have a range of MFC-related products that meet a wide variety of needs using sophisticated mass flow control technology.
Liquid source gasification and supply systems, automatic pressure controllers, etc.—all products focusing on safety with excellent operability

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Industrial Machinery/Devices 

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IBS Inc. IBS Inc.

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[Product lineup]
• SB50
Vaporizes liquid sources such as TEOS, SiCl4 and WF6 to directly control mass flow.

• AS50, 60A
These products were developed as built-in components in CVD devices, etc., to operate on the device side. Eliminating the operation panel and concentrating only on basic functions, these products achieve ultra-compact size.

• AL50
Enables display of temperature, flow rates and alerts; sets flow rates; opens and closes the AV; etc. Can be used for checking work or as a test tool when AS50 or 60A are installed.

• GS430A
Most reliable system which consolidates all the baking technologies. This product is ideal for stable control of a large amount of materials such as SiCl4, the raw material of optical fibers and synthetic quartz.

• TC50
External piping humidification system, used with SB50.

• RS90
Liquid material pumping system using N2 (Nitrogen), used with SB50.

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