Handheld Particle Counter “Model P311”

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Handheld Particle Counter “Model P311”

Handheld Particle Counter  “Model P311”

The Airy Technology P311 handheld particle counter measures 0.3 μm to 5.0
μm with a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM).
Only 1.26 lb (0.57 kg), user-friendly and easy to configure, this handheld
particle counter displays up to 3 size channels on its 3.5” LCD display.
The Airy Technology P311 stores 8,000 sample records that can be viewed on
the unit or on a computer via USB cable. The P311 complies with ISO 21501-4
and includes a one year warranty. With excellent quality and reliable performance,
the Airy Technology P311 is the best priced handheld particle counter
in the market.

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Target industry

Measurement/Analytical Instruments 

Company information

Airy Technology Ltd. Airy Technology Ltd.

Products and services features

Features & Benefits
• Measures 0.3 μm to 5.0 μm
• 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow rate
• Measures 3 channels of simultaneous data
• Weighs only 1.26 lb (0.57 kg)
• Long life laser diode
• USB output
• Removable and rechargeable AA batteries
• Includes carrying case, battery charger and download software
• Stores up to 8,000 sample records and 199 sample locations
• View data recorded on-screen or via computer
• Large LCD display
• Concentration limit of 4,000,000 per ft³
• Complies with ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921 standards
• Lightweight high-impact injection molded plastic enclosure
• Easy to clean and wipe down
• 1 year limited warranty

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Handheld Particle Counter “Model P311”



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