KUZUMI Electronics, Inc. (187762)

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KUZUMI Electronics, Inc.

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KUZUMI Electronics, Inc.

Do you never thought that it is not possible to make a product that you want to make by a combination of general-purpose products,? We will develop together you wanted product in Japan quality.

Business description

Contract development and manufacturing
1) Information and communications equipment
2) industrial / automotive control device
3) Maxwell Technologes EDLC custom modules
4) power supply (AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC)
5) various types of motor driver and control device

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Company profile

Since its foundation 40 years, Our company have been engaged in the development and production of various devices using the microcomputer. When the establishment we were engaged in the development and manufacturing of motor drivers and the NC apparatus for the major electronics manufacturer, then, we have made PC expansion boards, communication equipment, the controller for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We are holding a production plant in-house. We, we will manufacture in-house all the products developed design. This makes it possible to incorporate in the design know-how on manufacturing, it has been possible to provide a higher quality product. In recent years, we have also carried out the development of digital control power. We have contributed greatly to the customer's system development, by combining the control technology and power electronics technology. Also, in February 2016, we performed the headquarters relocation, making it plans to improve the more production capacity.


Kanagawa, Japan


109-1, Mirokuji, Fujisawa-shi,

Established date



15,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

11 to 50

Main customers

Major domestic electronics manufacturers
Major Japanese machinery manufacturer
Domestic major specially equipped vehicles manufacturer
Domestic major construction machinery manufacturer
Major Japanese trading company

Obtained standards

ISO9001 , ISO14001



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