Osaka Winton Co., Ltd. (187690)

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Osaka Winton Co., Ltd.

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Osaka Winton Co., Ltd.

Osaka Winton Co., Ltd. specializes in bird damage control (bird nets) and duct cleaning/maintenance for kitchen air conditioner duct.

Business description

Maintenance of general air conditioning systems
Assessment and cleaning using our ACVA (Air Conditioning and Ventilation Access) system
Design and construction of air conditioning facilities and duct work
Maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems in general
Inspection and cleaning of kitchen exhaust ducts
Maintenance and cleaning of residential ventilation ducts
Bird damage control in general
Construction, assessment, design, consultation and installation of bird damage control system
Sales of bird damage control equipment

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Company profile

Our business started with the cleaning of air conditioning ducts in 1983. At that time, we found that air intakes on rooftops were being badly polluted by pigeon droppings.
Pigeon droppings were being sucked directly into air conditioners.
Because of such problems, we were often asked by building owners to provide cleaning services, and public health care centers pointed out the health hazards. Initially, we used bird control equipment found on the open market, but it was not very effective. As we searched for solutions, we found an article about homing pigeons written by C. Walcott at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) saying that pigeons have an organ which can sense the earth's magnetic field.
Based on his article, we discovered pigeons disappeared when their magnetic fields were disturbed. Accordingly, we developed the world's first bird repelling equipment that uses magnets.
This method is the most humane solution for bird repelling in terms of animal welfare, as none are killed.

Postal code



Osaka, Japan


3-5-20, Hamaguchinishi, Suminoe-ku Osaka-shi,

Established date



20,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

11 to 50






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