Iwtani Materials Corporation (186700)

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Iwtani Materials Corporation

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Iwtani Materials Corporation

While a manufacturer with a focus on resin and metal, do the purchasing and selling from raw materials to the final product as well as a trading company, we are responding to user needs.

Business description

1. The manufacturing and sales of synthetic resins, chemicals, ceramic and raw materials
2. The manufacturing and sales of film and molded products
3. The sales of metal (steel and aluminum), metal processed products
4. The production and sales of synthetic resin coating processed products
5. The sales of synthetic resin molding machine, packaging machinery, packaging materials and agricultural equipment
6. The sales of household daily necessities, agricultural materials and gardening supplies
7. The sales of construction materials and building materials
8. The import and export business of raw materials and related to product

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Company profile

We are the subsidiary company of Iwatani International Co., Ltd., which is expaning in various gas and energy field in the world.
We have the following departments. ① Synthetic resin, ② Metal, ③ Coating, ④ Film, ⑤ Injection molding
We are the manufacturing company and the trading company and to purchase raw materials also in-house to be used to it, we have corresponding to the final product.
①Resin molding plant (One domestic plant), ②Film molding plant (Two domestic plants), ③Resin coating plant (Three domestic plants, two overseas plants: China and Thailand)
We sell the aluminum truck, the agricultural materials and the home daily necessities, which are as the orignal brand products.

Postal code



Osaka, Japan


1-7-7 WAKITA Sakaisuzihommachi Blg, Hommachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi,

Established date



300 million JPY

Number of employees

101 to 500

Main customers

Iwatani Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation , Sekisui Jushi Co., Ltd., Nafco Corperation , Paloma Co.,Ltd., Panasonic Age free life -Tech Co., Ltd., Hitachi Appliances ,Inc., JA Mitsui Leasing Ltd., Daikin Industries Ltd. , Maeda Kosen Co.,Ltd , Nakayamafuku Co. , Denka Co., Ltd., Kyocera Corporation , Panasonic Corporation , Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd., Joto Techno Co., Ltd.,

Obtained standards

ISO 9001, ISO14001 (Osaka, Shizuoka, Tatebayshi, Hiroshima)





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