Proto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (186669)

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Proto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Proto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Proto Manufacturing is a frontier company specializing in residual stress measuring systems and measurement services

Business description

• Residual stress & retained austenite
• Powder diffraction
• Laue single crystal orientation
• X-ray tubes
• Measurement services

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Company profile

Since its founding in 1967, PROTO Manufacturing has been involved in the development of instrumentation for the characterization of materials.
After the 1980s, we started to concentrate on sales of various x-ray diffraction residual stress & retained austenite measurement systems. And in the 30+ years since, we have had excellent support and feedback from our customers worldwide. At PROTO Manufacturing, experts in every specialized field commit to the world’s most advanced technical development and improvement day by day.
We offer an extensive range of residual stress XRD products to ensure that the most suitable equipment is available for your measurement needs. Choose from our high-speed LXRD Laboratory Systems, flexible iXRD Portable Systems or our handheld mXRD Ultra Portable system.
Our staff at PROTO, all experts in residual stress, provide the most suitable systems to our customers.

Postal code



Chiba, Japan


2-9-15, Sakaecho, Funabashi-shi

Established date


Main customers

System installation record
• Automotive
Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Samsung Motors

• Aviation
Boeing, Rolls Royce, FAG Aerospace,NASA, Bombardie, Timken, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., GE Aero, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Shenyang Aircraft

• Munitions
U.S. Air Force/Marine Corps., Westinghouse, Canadian Navy

• Power related
Toshiba, Hitachi, GE Power

• Universities/research institutes
Nagoya University, Manchester University (UK), NIST (USA), Texas Tech University (USA), ENSAM (France), National Research Council of Canada


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