Nishimura Machine Works Co., Ltd. (186064)

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Nishimura Machine Works Co., Ltd.

Nishimura Machine Works Co., Ltd.

Pulverizers and total engineering (rice flour, measuring, sieves and mixers)

Business description

Nishimura Machine Works manufactures and distributes powder measuring, pulverizing, sieving and mixing machines.

In addition to pulverizer manufacturing, we can handle total engineering including construction work and the entire pulverizing process for anything from small pilot units to large scale plants.

[Rice flour pulverizers]
We have our own proprietary rice flour pulverizing techniques and can contribute value to the pulverized rice produced during rice polishing. Pulverizing rice as finely as wheat flour allows it to be used as an ingredient for bread, noodles and cakes.

[Powder measuring techniques]
Beyond food and industrial applications, we can design and manufacture measuring machines taking into consideration the unique properties of each type of powder. We have technical expertise in the accuracy and speed of automatic measuring for large-to-small amounts of materials.

[Sieve machines]
We possess high-performance sieving technologies, including foreign object removal, powder size clarification and clog prevention to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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Company profile

Together with our expertise in sub-micron level powder and granular material control, Nishimura Machine Works has expanded our business to apply our facilities and systems beyond the food, chemical, medical and waste disposal industries into total services for pulverizing plants.
We have successfully combined our unique engineering with electronic/electrical/mechanical/control engineering, powder measuring engineering, and other various elemental technologies. Our fully computerized pulverizing control and process technologies are unrivaled by other manufacturers. We have always understand our customers’ needs accurately and provided the best solutions.
We will continuously strive to advance our technical expertise for environmental conservation and aspire to be a dynamic forward-looking company.

Postal code



Osaka, Japan


2-6-9 Matsuyama-cho, Yao-city

Established date



30,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

51 to 100

Main customers

House Food Corporation, Kameda Seika Co., Ltd., Sanko Seika Co., Ltd., Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., Ito En Ltd., S & B Food Inc., JGC Corporation





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