Optical Tech, Co., Ltd. (185823)

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Optical Tech, Co., Ltd.

Optical Tech, Co., Ltd.

Our large-surface light emitting LED modules provide easy-on-the-eyes light with excellent color reproducibility.

Business description

- Development of surface light-emitting LED modules
- Manufacture and sales of surface light-emitting LED modules
- Sales of surface light-emitting LED lightings
- Development of light-diffusing sheets
- Manufacture and sales of light-diffusing sheets
- Research and development of inorganic EL luminescent materials and LED light-emitting sources
- Sales of nano-fullerene carbon batteries
- Sales of plasma lamps

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Company profile

Optical Tech develops, manufactures and sells special large surface light-emitting modules for high-powered LED lighting. Most conventional high-powered LED lighting is beam light with point light emitting, so there are always glare points. To solve this problem, our products use large surface light emitting for illuminants. We have also worked on achieving more than 92 of Ra (color rendering properties, color reproducibility), which had been considered difficult for LED lighting. As a result, we have successfully developed surface light-emitting modules through the development of special luminescent agents including special diffuse agents and luminescent particles. As we have also developed special modules that control LED blue lights as much as possible, our products can handle problems caused by blue lights. We strive to improve Ra (color rendering properties) and continue our quest for development of cutting-edge technology.

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Miyagi, Japan


Sanrain Bld.7F, 3-10-7, Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku Sendai-shi

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9,000,000 JPY



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Optical Tech, Co., Ltd.




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