JUKI Corporation (185728)

Asia wide Manufacturing Business Platform in Malaysia


JUKI Corporation

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JUKI Corporation

Evolving technologies and creativity JUKI supports our dreams and living with advanced manufacturing

Business description

[Industrial machine business]
JUKI was first to introduce “modular-type” (production lines constructed with linked multiple mounters) SMTs in the industry.
Since then, including our KE series, we have developed a number of high-speed, high-productivity and high-performance mounters, all of which have earned outstanding feedback and customer satisfaction.
In 2014, JUKI merged with Sony’s SMT related businesses and, since then, we have enhanced our technical expertise and boosted our range of products.
We will continuously provide total solutions with a wide variety of products, excellent support & sales networks and start-to-finish production line planning.

[Sewing machine business]
• Industrial sewing machines supporting the world’s apparel industry
Industrial sewing machines are widely used not only for the apparel industry, but also for the manufacturing of bags, shoes, furniture, car seats, etc.
With our strong sales and service network covering more than 180 countries, JUKI’s industrial sewing machines have great customer feedback and support.
• Household sewing machines with high-level sewing functions for a more comfortable, enjoyable sewing experience.
JUKI offers a wide range of sewing machines, from high-grade models that can embroider and general sewing machines to semi-professional small overlock machines to meet the professional needs. Our products attract customers who have a wide variety of requirements.

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Company profile

Since our very first days in business, we at Juki Corporation have strived to create new value through “Monodzukuri” (the art of product-making) and the ongoing invention and evolution of technologies.
Today we are strongly advancing business reforms on every operational front, from development and manufacture to sales and marketing. Our goal is to thrive in the 21st century as a strong global enterprise.
Our driving concepts are “Mind & Technology” (emotionally accessible technology) and "Customer Creed." We have always provided products and services from the customer’s point of view with the conviction that we can learn from customers and create new value by working with them.
Last but not least, we will respond flexibly to today’s rapid changes in markets and customer needs as a world-class manufacturer blessed with the unflagging support of customers all over the world. This is how we will remain an enterprise that’s trusted and needed by society.

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Tokyo, Japan



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18,044,710,000 JPY

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More than 1000

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