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KTX Corporation

KTX Corporation

Our unique electroforming technology keeps us No. 1 in the industry With our outstanding electroforming technology accumulated through many years of research, we will always try to be the worlds’ No. 1.

Business description

Molds for prototyping, mass production and product manufacturing in the automotive, aircraft, household equipment, medical care and leisure-related industries.

- Normal electroforming, porous electroforming, super porous electroforming
- Wire mesh electroforming, perforated electroforming

[Leather wrapping]
- For wooden/plastic master models, motor shows and car catalogues

[Facilities and jigs]
- Vacuum molding machines, trimming jigs, rotational molding machines, slush molding machines

[Mold processes]
- Female vacuum thermoforming, rotational molding, injection molding, urethane molding, slush molding
- Stamping molding, blow molding, foam molding, slush molding

[Molding tools]
- Slash molds, vacuum forming molds, blow molds, RIM molds
- Injection molds, rotational molds, thermoforming tools, foam molding tools, stamping molding tools
- Bead forming tools, pulp molding tools

[Tool materials]
- Wooden, nickel electroforming mold, steel, aluminum, resins

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Company profile

Since starting up our business, we at KTX have dedicated ourselves to research on electroforming.
“Electroforming, our corporate mission.” This decision has encouraged us to develop molding tools particularly focusing on electroforming. As a result, we have ventured into new fields with various electroforming applications, which is working for the good of the public, our best reward.
Porous nickel, KTX’s registered trademark product, is now used worldwide for female vacuum thermoforming tools. We believe super porous nickel will be widely applied to blow and injection molding tools, too. Perforated nickel forms many molding tools such as molds to recycle polyurethane foam from scrapped cars. Mesh electroforming will be integrated into a system with a molding machine to recycle waste paper.

Postal code



Aichi, Japan


1-3, Narashi, Oguchi-cho Niwa-gun






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