URD Co., Ltd. (183253)

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URD Co., Ltd.

URD Co., Ltd.

Aspiring to social commitment through solar power generation

Business description

- Industrial solar power generation business
- Idle land purchases
- Apartment and condominium management business

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Company profile

We are just a small presence amid the great blessings of nature.
It was only a couple of thousand years ago when we started to take control of the earth under the name of civilization. And science was established a mere thousand years ago. The industrial revolution dramatically changed our society, making us more affluent, but that was only 250 years ago.
In this short period of time, our earth has been damaged so much.
As long as we remain here on the earth, energy will be crucial.
We can’t give up our civilized life. There is no way to return to a primitive lifestyle in harmony with nature -- getting up when the sun rises and going to sleep when the sun sets.
That’s why we need clean energy. That’s why we must change our lifestyle to one that cherishes nature.
What can we do for the children of the future in the next 50 or 100 years? The only answer is to preserve our beautiful earth. Shall we start working together for the betterment of society and this world, the only one we have?

Postal code



Osaka, Japan


1-1-11 MJ Bld.7kai, Tsuriganecho, Chuo-ku

Established date



2,000,000 JPY

Main customers

[Solar power generation business]
SunPower Inc.
Panasonic Corporation
Sharp Corporation
Kyocera Corporation
Toshiba Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Daikin Industries Ltd.
Solar Frontier Co., Ltd.
Hanwha Q Cells
Japan Solar
Canadian Solar
Trina Solar

[Apartment and condominium management business]
As condominium management industry
Apamanshop Network Co., Ltd.
E Broad Communications Inc.
Able Inc.
Kinki Home
Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Ken Corporation Ltd.
Samty Co., Ltd.
Century 21
Zenhoren Co., Ltd.
Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.
Daiwa Living Co., Ltd.
Daikyo Anabuki Real Estate Inc.
Tokyu Livable Inc.
Tokyu Community Corp.
Token Corporation Co., Ltd.
Nihon Ken-sho Co., Ltd.
Nihon Jutaku Ryutsu Inc.
Seiwa Corporation
Nippon safety Co., Ltd.
Japan Eslead Co., Ltd.
Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd.
Housemates shop Co., Ltd.
PanaHome Real Estate Corp.
Pitat House Network Co., Ltd.
Fuji Amenity Service Co., Ltd.
MiniMini Corporation
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