AZ Corporation Ltd. (182883)

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AZ Corporation Ltd.

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AZ Corporation Ltd.

We contribute to society by imparting know-how in the management of worldwide logistics centers and expertise in energy-saving equipment.

Business description

● Construction, design, and operational system consultation for logistics and food-processing centers
● Consultation and engineering for installation of energy-saving equipment in factories and warehouses.
● Development, creation, import/export, sales and service of computer system software.
● Operational management, business support, and consultation on business revitalization for the manufacturing and the warehousing industries.
● Consultation on risk avoidance due to change of corporate environment, etc.
● Consultation and engineering for supporting adoption of various types of subsidies
● Planning, design, and construction of buildings and inner decor
● Consultation on patent, design, and trademark registration
● Product design & planning, development, manufacturing design engineering
● Other related business

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Company profile

AZ Corporation Ltd. is a consulting and engineering firm that provides know-how as a one-stop service, mainly to the manufacturing (logistics) industry. We perform reliable reduction engineering from design to operation of factories & logistics centers as well as energy-saving strategies for facilities.
For small and medium-sized companies, we provide consultation on cost reduction and more efficient operation that can be achieved by taking advantage of subsidies to build new facilities and structures or upgrade existing ones, thereby minimizing extra investment. (Management consultant, Administrative Lawyer)
When it comes to computer systems, we provide advanced support for logistics using the latest technology such as providing WMS (warehouse management systems) usable on the web. We also develop omni-channel-compliant smart phone systems which enable cargo tracking in the field of international logistics using the experiment & demonstration module of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. (Assistant professional engineer)
We also provide consultation to support various applications (patent, design, and trademark registration) based on our experience in handling patents for major corporations.

Postal code



Kanagawa, Japan


2-7-17, Chuo, Nishi-ku Yokohama-shi

Established date



3,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

Less than 10

Main customers

DHL Supply Chain, Japan Harbor Transportation Association, Big Tree Capital, TOSHIBA LOGISTICS CORPORATION, Logistics Revolution Korea Co., Ltd., Delloit Tomatsu, Teshigahara Sangyo Co., Ltd., Japan Institute of Logistics Systems, Marketing and Distribution Institute Co., Ltd., members of the Japan Warehousing Association Inc.

Obtained standards

(経営士)Business Consultant(行政書士)Public Administration Consultant(技術士補)Professional  IT Engineer(認定リスクマネージャー)Certified Risk Manager





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AZ Corporation Ltd.



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