Technica Co., Ltd. (181876)

Asia wide Manufacturing Business Platform in Malaysia


Technica Co., Ltd.

Technica Co., Ltd.

Technica, a company creating the future of powder filling

Business description

○ Design, manufacture and sales of automatic powder filling and packaging machines
 ・Auger fillers
 ・Powder fillers with vacuum degassing systems
 ・Various viscous substance fillers
○ Import, distribution and after-sale services of various packaging machines
○ Design, manufacture and sales of food processing machines
○ Repair, maintenance and adjustment of imported packaging machines and related equipment
○ Planning, design, prototyping and manufacture of various machines
○ Installation, adjustment and technical services of various machines

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Company profile

Technica specializes in powder filling. There are various methods for constant volume powder filling and fillers. The filling method is usually chosen based on assessment of the powder’s physical properties as well as the required accuracy and speed, container type, machine cost, running cost, required flexibility, etc.
As long as the powders’ properties show a constant level of density or it can be maintained, quantitative filling is best as it offers high productivity and acceptable filling accuracy at comparatively low cost.
Auger-facilitated is the most well-known filling method as it has the ability to handle both powder and viscous materials. Each pitch of the auger becomes its unit volume, and the filling amount is usually decided by the rotation count.
Through our long experience, we believe that the auger type is the best of all powder fillers, and based on our confidence in them, we continuously strive to refine their functions and contribute to your powder filling processes with our accumulated expertise and technologies.

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Tokyo, Japan


1-27-11, Taito, Taito-ku









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