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  • Withstand Voltage and Insulation Tester Withstand Voltage and Insulation Tester
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    The withstand voltage test and insulation resistance test can be carried out automatically in Model 8505. It can perform withstand voltage test without giving unnecessary stress to the test object with rise time and fall time setting functions. The insulation resistance test is availabe with fuction which can discharge the electric charge stored on the test object automatically after the end of test. It is high speed response type instrument where the test time setting can be set from 0.1 sec for withstand voltage test and 0.2 sec for insulation resistance test. Memory fuction is available for 16 patterns of test conditions and test can be conducted contineously. Three types of interfaces like USB, RS-232C and remote I/O are available in standard equipments making easy process for the system development.

  • DC Ohm Meter DC Ohm Meter
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    The model 356G is a low resistance meter from rance 30mΩ to 300mΩhaving capability of 5 measuring ranges at DC 1A with temperature measurement function which can measure temperature from -19.9 to 199.9℃. The measurement of 30mΩis possible to measure at DC 1A with 0.1μΩresolution. Enhancing the temperature measurement function with temperature correction function and ratio display function, comparator function is also equipped in standard product in order to make smooth components selection. Interface with RS-232C, USB, RS-485 and BCD are available making easy set up for the system products.

  • MΩ Meter MΩ Meter
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    The model 3567A is MΩtester with a function oriented design which can cope with embadded system even with a single tester. Six ranges of test voltage from DC 25V to DC 1000V are available in this instrument and it is used in wide ranges of products like electronics components, sensors, batteries, various types of transformers etc.. Ten patterns of test conditions can be memorized and suitable option interfaces like RS-232C, RS-485, BCD output are availablefor the system.

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