Small-size Welding Positioner

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Small-size Welding Positioner

Small-size Welding Positioner LD-R Positioner Series

Easy model selection with common use for all type of welding application; TIG, MIG, and MAG.

● Selecting the right positioner model is easy!
With conventional positioners, you needed to select a model based on the appropriate rotation speed for your work. LD-R model positioners, however, provide stable control of wide range of rotation speeds, from slow to high-speed, so you simply need to select a model according to the load weight.
They respond flexibly to changes in workpiece shapes, which mean changes in welding speed.
The new LDR-A controller employs a 3 step(HI/MID/LOW) speed adjustment switch, and provides extensive fine adjustments for each speed range.

● High TIG welding noise tolerance (new design featuring outstanding noise tolerance)
A new design that reduces the impact of noise generated during TIG welding ensures stable rotation. You do not need to select a special model for TIG welding. LD-R model positioners can be used with TIG, MIG, and MAG welding machines. They are sure to improve both work efficiency and welding quality.

● Execellent durability
Anti dust and spatter design allows stable operations even in harsh welding environments.

● Safety design
Design concepts adopted from ARONSON, the world largest positioner brand, ensure durability and safety. A foot switch(included) further supports safe operation.

● Wide assortment of optional accessories
A wide assortment of optional positioner accessories are available, to help you easily automate your welding work (torch stand, automatic welding controller, work chuck, weaving unit, torch holder, etc.)

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LD-R Positioner Series


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Small-size Welding Positioner

<Notes on selecting a positioner model>
When selecting a positioner, the following checkpoints will help you select an optimum model.

●Workpiece weight and height of its center of gravity
Selecting a model based simply on the weight of the workpiece and maximum load weight of positioner may at times result in insufficient capacity. Therefore, be sure to also consider the height of the center of gravity of the workpiece and select an appropriate model based on the numerical values shown in the catalog.

●Workpiece attachemnt height and load capacity
The height of the center of gravity of a workpiece differs according to how the workpiece is attached to the table. If there is some space between the workpiece and table, be sure to add the measurement of the space to the height of the centerof gravity of the workpiece to obtain the total height of the center of gravity.

●Table tilt angle range
Depending on the model, there is a limit to the tilt angle. Even for models capable of tilt angle up to 135° , the floor surface will be a limiting factor for some workpieces, so select model with due consideration also to the sizes of the workpieces you will be processing.

●Key point in selecting a positioner model
If you will be using a positioner for general purposes, we recommend you to select a model that delivers a level higher capacity than what you require at present.

Usage / example

Model type: LD-60R, LD-150R, LD-300R, LD-600R
Power Supply: AC100V 1-phase 50/60Hz AC200V 3-phase 50/60Hz
External Dimension(W×D×H): 400×580×385mm, 505×515×435mm, 570×750×530mm, 726×750×728mm
Table Rotation: Min. 0.42rpm, 0.15rpm, 0.23rpm, 0.2rpm
Max. 20rpm 6.2rpm 4.6rpm 1.16rpm
Body Weight: 30kg, 50kg, 135kg, 320kg
Control Method: Control SCR Inverter
Controller: LDR-B Pendant control unit
Horizontal Max. load: 60kg, 150kg, 300kg, 600kg
Vertical Max. load: 30kg, 120kg, 200kg, 500kg
Decentering tolerance at vertical Max. Load(A): 50mm, 25mm, 40mm, 100mm
Gravity height at vertical Max. Load(B): 150mm, 110mm, 150mm, 150mm


Small Positioner LD Series



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