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Crystal Optics Inc.

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Crystal Optics Inc.

In our 6 fields of expertise, Crystal Optics brings you solutions to ultra-large and high-precision processing. Machining, grinding, lapping, ultra-precision processing, surface treatment (passivation treatment/electrolytic lapping) and measuring.

Business description

Crystal Optics supports advanced technology with our 6 fields of expertise.
● Machining (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, resins, etc.)
● Grinding (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, glass, resins, etc.)
● Lapping (aluminum, stainless steel, metal, ceramics, new materials, optical crystal, etc.)
● Ultra precision processing (Shapes: free-formed surface, plane, spherical, off-axial. Materials: aluminum, copper, Ni-P)
● Surface treatment (passivation treatment and electrolytic lapping. Material: semiconductors)
● Measuring (three-dimensional measurement, shape measurement, surface roughness measurement, etc.)

Crystal Optics specializes in large-sized and high-precision processing, using 5-sided machining with a 8000mm table, an ultra-high-precision surface grinding machine with a 4000mm table, and a lapping machine of 3200mmφ.
In addition, at the last stage, we have a 3-D coordinate measuring system with a 6000mm table produced by the world-class industrial tester manufacturer Carl Zeiss. This measuring system provides world-class accuracy.

● Main processing applications
Dies, nozzles, free-form surface mirrors, aspherical mirrors, mass flow controllers, optical single-crystal lapping, plates, tables, beds, stages, etc.
We offer processing in a wide variety of fields, including semiconductors, LC, films, batteries, optics, etc.

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Company profile

When Crystal Optics was founded, we specialized in manual lapping of optical single-crystals. Some optical crystals are extremely delicate and are only suitable for lapping under certain temperature and humidity conditions. Relying on experience from our early days, we have dealt with an extensive range of lapping operations on a wide variety of materials.
30 years on, we can now handle not only single-crystals but also metallic, nonmetallic and resin materials. The items used to be quite small, just palm-size, but now we can take on large-sized parts of up to 8000mm.
For processing operations, we focus on total manufacturing at our own factory in order to achieve the most accurate results. Skilled in 6 fields of expertise -- machining, grinding, lapping, ultra precision processing, surface treatment (passivation treatment/electrolytic lapping) and measuring – we can accomplish all those operations with just one blueprint from our customer.
In November, 2014, we installed two 5-axis machining centers with a view toward supporting the aviation and space industries, which contribute to the evolution of the universe. We are committed to continuously seeking greater excellence.

Postal code



Shiga, Japan


3-4-25, Imakatata, Otsu-shi, Shiga,

Established date



60,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

51 to 100

Obtained standards

ISO 9001(京都工場)、JIS Q 9100(京都工場)、 ISO14001(本社工場・大津工場)









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