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Nango Co., Ltd.

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Nango Co., Ltd.

Excellence in manufacturing Putting soul into iron

Business description

Precision machining:
• Effective and high-accuracy precision machining using simultaneous five-axis machine
• Precision machining using vertical milling machines (MC/NC/boring) and horizontal milling machines (MC/NC/boring). We specialize in heavy cutting of slightly-larger and medium-weight objects with high rigidity.
• Lathing: from a single piece to small lot production, all kinds of applications using general, NC and combined lathes
• Combined processing: ... processing round and angular items in-house for better efficiency and shorter delivery time
• Casting: with our wealth of accumulated expertise and technology, we can process various casting materials (FC, FCD, etc.)
• Plate working: integrated manufacturing, from welding to machining
• Design and manufacture of jigs/tools: we provide the most suitable jigs/tools for every industry (process jigs, mass-production jigs, assembly jigs, inspection jigs)

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Company profile

Nango, located in Uji City in Kyoto, manufactures all sorts of metal precision machine parts from a single piece to small lot production, various jigs and labor saving machines for effective manufacturing. We always put our customers first and with our motto of “reaction, suggestion and discussion,” we strive to live up to our customers’ expectations.
Our main business is precision metal machining. However, we are currently developing a product using “three-dimensional modeled stereogram objects.” We established and were granted a patent for this technique in order to produce products with a proper brand concept.
“Nango bori” is the registered trademark of this technique in Japan. We plan to register it overseas as well. We hope that in the near future our unique stereogram technique will be employed at theme parks or in souvenir items, etc. for everybody to enjoy. Products with “Nango bori” can be purchased at the following online shopping site as well:

Postal code



Kyoto, Japan


Kawanoboridani80-36, Shirakawa, Uji-shi,

Established date



10,000,000 JPY

Number of employees

11 to 50

Main customers

Automotive manufacturers, automobile part manufacturers, transport equipment manufacturers, various industrial machinery manufacturers, various device manufacturers, universities, corporate R&D, etc.

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