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  • Mipox Corporation Comprehensive Catalogue Mipox Corporation Comprehensive Catalogue
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    Mipox, with headquarters located in Tachikawa-city, Tokyo, specializes in the manufacture and sale of polishing films for electronic parts and contract polishing services. Our comprehensive catalogue contains product information, contract business info and a comprehensive list of our polishing products as well as an interview with Mr. Watanabe, Mipox CEO. We aim not only to support high-technology industries, but also to apply our accumulated expertise in ultra-precise polishing technology to more general polishing uses. We offer stable processing quality and high-efficiency processing for a wide variety of industries. ※For details please contact us or download our catalogue.

  • Polishing Products for Automobiles Polishing Products for Automobiles
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    Our technologies of ultra-precision polishing and products have developed along with densifying in the recording density of magnetic disks such as hard disks. In the future, we’ll expand our proprietary technologies of ultra-precision polishing into general polishing applications and provide consistent-quality high-efficiency processing to a broader range of industries including the automotive field and others.

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Mipox Malaysia Sdn Bhd Mipox Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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HDD, Automotive, Semiconductor, Precision Metal, Fibre Optics, Chemical Development