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  • Mipox Precision Polishing Film Mipox Precision Polishing Film
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    - Offering excellent high precision finishing and greater lot-to-lot uniformity - Water and oil resistant - Curve polishing also available - Automatic polishing by machines is possible, yielding consistent polishing results - A wide product line-up, including aluminum oxide and diamond - Full line-up in the range from #320 to #20000

  • VARIOFILM (electrostatic films) VARIOFILM (electrostatic films)
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    VARIOFILM achieves high polishing/finishing performance and can be used for a variety of purposes. Tough polyester films whose thicknesses are uniform and even and electrostatic-coated abrasive grains result in even and stable polishing performance. Now a product with improved grip on its rear surface created by a special process is part of our new line-up. ※Please contact us or check our catalogue for more details.

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Mipox Malaysia Sdn Bhd Mipox Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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HDD, Automotive, Semiconductor, Precision Metal, Fibre Optics, Chemical Development