Visual Inspection System “iVision”

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Visual Inspection System “iVision”

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Visual Inspection System “iVision”

High-accuracy product inspection with image processing technology for better quality and cost reduction.<At most 12 camera connections are also possible.>

“The Visual Inspection System iVision” automates visual inspection of products, allowing speedy, high-accuracy and reliable inspection. From scratch, dirt and defect detection to dimensional and color identification inspection, as well as barcode, QR code and character reading.

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Target industry

Automotive Parts  Semiconductors/LCD/FPD  Electrical/Electronic Parts

Company information

AdD Co., Ltd. AdD Co., Ltd.

Products and services features

Visual Inspection System “iVision”

• Speedy inspection
• High-accuracy inspection
• Automated visual inspection with reliable and high-standard results
• Inspection with up to 12 camera units
• Customized inspection to meet your requirements is available
• A wide variety of image processing filters is available for higher inspection accuracy

Usage / example

Scratch, dirt and defect detection; dimensional inspection; color identification inspection; barcode, QR code and character reading

[Examples of installations]
• Semiconductor chip recognition systems
• Visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets
• Substrate inspection system
• PET bottle inspection systems
• Automotive press part inspection systems
• Pump motor part inspection equipment
• Booklet/flyer filtering and enclosing control system with QR code recognition
• Glass bottle content counting systems
• Packaging film appearance inspection equipment
• Automotive press part inspection equipment
• Automotive die-casting part inspection equipment
• Automotive electronic part inspection equipment
• Operation panel print inspection system
• Systems for reading and checking of printed stickers


Machine Vision Inspection System “iVision-R”



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