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  • Mold cleaning machine "CLIPIKA ACE III" Mold cleaning machine "CLIPIKA ACE III"
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    It utilizes a power box that produces optimum gas power through electrolysis and ultrasound that is adjusted so as to not damage molds. With osmotic force that is twice as powerful as water and excellent swelling power against dirt, our original cleaning solution can protect molds from corrosion and redeposition of dirt. Only SOMAX has a technique for removing dirt without damage, since we has focused on research into mold cleaning, dirt itself and the way dirt builds up.  This is a cleaning technique that can quickly restore molds as good as new.

  • [In just 20 minutes!] Mold cleaning machine "CLIPICA ACE" [In just 20 minutes!] Mold cleaning machine "CLIPICA ACE"
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    6-hour-long mold cleaning in just 20 minutes! This machine ensures dramatic reduction in operation time with better efficiency. [Features] • Without relying on skills or craftsmanship, anyone can restore molds to as good as new • Complete removal of dirt ensures an increased number of shot cycles • Shorter maintenance time compared to manual cleaning • Causes no damage or dimensional changes to molds. Able to clean leather embossing and mirror-surface dies

  • Optical part mold cleaning machine "CLIPIKA ACE OPT" Optical part mold cleaning machine "CLIPIKA ACE OPT"
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    Molds for light guide panels and plastic lenses cannot be touched due to their delicate nickel plate layer, which general-purpose mold cleaning machines might damage. At Somax: • We have solved these issues and developed the world’s first cleaning machine for optical part molds, the CLIPICA ACE OPT. • Using our proprietary cleaning technology, even stubborn, hard-to-budge dirt can easily be removed. • This cleaning system can remove dirt from nano/micro to visually recognizable sizes without causing any damage.

  • [Mold cleaning case] 30% longer mold life with 1/6 the maintenance time [Mold cleaning case] 30% longer mold life with 1/6 the maintenance time
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    [From a CLIPIKA ACE user, M Corporation, in Miyagi, Japan] Since we introduced CLIPIKA ACE, mold life has been extended by 30% while maintenance time has been reduced to 1/6. It’s extremely valuable and we often wonder why we didn’t start using CLIPIKA ACE much earlier. Now, we can’t survive without it. * For more details about CLIPIKA ACE, please contact us.

  • [Mold cleaning case] No uneven cleaning. Anybody can achieve a perfect finish! [Mold cleaning case] No uneven cleaning. Anybody can achieve a perfect finish!
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    [From a CLIPIKA ACE user, F Corporation, in Niigata, Japan] When we clean molds manually, the results vary, depending on the experience of the technician. But using CLIPICA ACE, anybody can produce a perfect finish of consistent standard, which brings us peace of mind. Thankfully, the frequency of mold maintenance is now reduced. * For more details about CLIPIKA ACE, please contact us.

  • [Mold cleaning case] Persistent release agent is easily washed away [Mold cleaning case] Persistent release agent is easily washed away
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    [From "CLIPIKA ACE" user, a factory manager at U Corporation, in Okayama, Japan] We have tried several different cleaning products and method, but none has worked very well. To be honest, I was skeptical about the quality of "CLIPIKA ACE" and had low expectations. But when we saw a cleaning demonstration, I was amazed by the results. An extremely persistent release agent, which we didn’t even bother with any more, just came off. Of course, we immediately bought the product. Since we began to use "CLIPIKA ACE", the frequency of mold maintenance has also been reduced. We now fully rely on "CLIPIKA ACE", even from a quality control point of view. * For more details about "CLIPIKA ACE", please contact us.

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