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  • Real-time Dust Monitor "FLD-1" for outdoor use Real-time Dust Monitor "FLD-1" for outdoor use
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    Conventional portable dust monitors are handy, but they are not suitable for continuous monitoring as they are designed for measuring just for short periods. In addition, for outdoor use, you need a cabinet for protection from wind and rain as well as sampling lines. Real-time Dust Monitor “FLD-1” is designed for use in outdoor environments because the light-scattering dust monitor is installed in a cabinet to make it suitable for continuous outdoor monitoring. You can monitor outdoor dust concentrations without any product alternation. In addition, a wide variety of built-in output functions make it possible to monitor dust concentration using multiple units at facility perimeters or construction sites. [Features] • Built-in sampling pump and filter paper holder → Can be used while measuring with dust monitor • Built-in dehumidifier → Reduces the influence of fog • Wide variety of output functions → Monitor dust concentration at facility perimeters or construction sites • Various options are available → Weather meter (wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity) and PM2.5 cyclone particle sizers • Built-in light-scattering dust monitor * For more details, please contact us or download our catalogs.

    Target industry: Construction Construction/Mining Machinery Woodworking/Wood Products


  • Termite control service with Xterm Termite control service with Xterm
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    We introduce reliable professional contractors (www.xterm.com/malaysia.html)who are trained to apply termite baiting system developed by Sumitomo Chemical. 1. Eliminate termite colonies in 4 to 5 weeks 2. Noise-free 3. No drilling, no chemical spraying 4. Handy bait station 5. Bait consists of compressed cellulose

    Target industry: Construction Woodworking/Wood Products Food Service/Hotel

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