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Pin header

Pin header

The collective name for terminals (Pins , Sockets, Jumpers,) that are mounted on PC boards.

Wide variety of products, round pins, square pins, jumper.
We commit to providing product on a timely basis that meet our customer's demands.
Furthermore, through the proses of designing our products, we proceed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and we continue to serve society and make social contributions.

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Automotive/Transport Machinery  Industrial Machinery/Devices  Electrical/Electronic Parts

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Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd. Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.

Products and services features

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○ Pins
Besides acting as a circuit terminal by insertion or surface mount soldering on a PC board, pins secure space when sandwiched between boards or fix multiple boards vertically or horizontally.
○ Sockets
Besides being inserted or surface mount soldered on a PC board to link circuits as the receiving side for pin insertion (release), sockets are also used to secure space between boards and fix boards together in the same way as pins.
○ Jumpers
Jumpers are mounted on pins to link circuits between adjacent pins and are used for changing settings, upgrading and resetting board circuitry.

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