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  • Turbo Molecular Pumps TGF-SERIES Turbo Molecular Pumps TGF-SERIES
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    Ball bearing type,yet it can be mounted in any position. Its compact size and light weight add greater freedom to equipment layouts. Features a rugged structure with high resistance against rapid acceleration-can be operated as the entire apparatus moves. Also resistes sudden air in-rush and other impact-a feature not previously available in conventional TMP`s.There flexible mounting-position models are available in a large variety of size. Compound Molecular Pumps 50L/S~2400L/S TYPE TG50F/TG60F/TG70F/TG220F/TG240F/TG350F/ TG450F/TG800F/TG1100F/TG1400F/TG2400F/ TG2410F

  • Magnetically Suspended Turbo Molecular Pumps TG-M series Magnetically Suspended Turbo Molecular Pumps TG-M series
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    Magnetically suspended compound molecular pumps were developed to meet a broader range of applications. Controlling the rorationg body magnetically without contact,the vacuum pump provides mounting position freedom,low vibration and oil-free operation. The absence of sliding components allows a longer maintenance cycle. Magnetically Suspended Turbo Molecular Pumps 390L/S~2400L/S TYPE TG390M/TG420M/TG90M/TG1300M/TG2400M

  • Magnetically Suspended Turbo Molecular Pump with Integrated Control Unit TGkine series Magnetically Suspended Turbo Molecular Pump with Integrated Control Unit TGkine series
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    ● Integrated controller and power supply on pump: Intergrated controller/power supply, very compact footprint. No interconnect cable/cable duct nor rack-mount needed, ease of installation and system cost saving. Integrated controller cause less strain to system design, helps system cost down. ● Well balanced performance for a wide range of vacuum processes: Wide pressure range applications, capable of pumping at high throughput. High compression ratio, low ultimate pressure. Can be started simultaneously with backing pump in series from atmosphere, shortened initial pump down time. Variable rotational speed control(110 rps - 450 rps) on-the-fly, eliminating the need for throttle value, possible system cost saving. ● Compact footprint, easy access to every function: Access for all connections, displays, and switches located on 1 side of the pump, ease of installation and system maintenance. No connection is needed on the side/back of the pump, versatile for system integration. ● Remote communication interface options: Multiple interface options and Multiple units operation available. (Parallel I/O, RS232C, RS485, Profibus, DeviceNet) ● Protection rating: IP54(standard), Rated to operate in harsh environments.

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Osaka Vacuum, Ltd. Osaka Vacuum, Ltd.
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