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Firewall “FWX120”

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Firewall “FWX120” FWX120

Faster WAN. License-free Security. Stress-free Management. All Combined in a Single Unit.

Providing license-free crucial network security to small/medium sized companies with stable WAN operations and simple LAN administration, this firewall is best suited to the network requirements of small/medium-sized companies in ASEAN region.

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Target industry

Information/Communication Devices 

Company information

Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Yamaha Music (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Products and services features

This firewall is equipped with the carefully selected crucial security features required by small/medium-sized companies in the ASEAN region. Yamaha has an extensive firewall installation record in Japan, and we now offer our products to small/medium-sized companies who can’t quite afford to introduce firewalls due to the relatively high installation cost and license fees.
Filtering features such as stateful inspection filtering, achieved by VPN (IPsec or L2TP / IPsec), IDS or policy filtering and internal database type URL filtering will surely add security to your corporate network. In addition, our load balancing feature, which combines multiple WAN connections, and mobile internet connection capacity achieve a high-speed WAN environment at low cost.
Stress-free LAN administration is guaranteed with the L2MS(*) function, which allows visibility of network switches, starting up/saving features by external memory, access control features from other terminals/users, and more.

* L2MS (Layer2 Management Service) is a function for managing Yamaha network devices in the Layer 2 level.

Usage / example

This product will be sold in the ASEAN region from April 2016. We already have an extensive installation record at small/medium-sized companies in Japan.




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