Roll cutter “CX-301A”

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Roll cutter “CX-301A”

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Roll cutter “CX-301A”

Reduces the cycle time dramatically! Productivity improved by 1.5 to 2 times!

1. A high-speed motor is mounted to move in all directions
Compared to conventional machines, this product contributes to 1.5 to 2 times more production volume.
2. Automatic diameter detection of fabric rolls
Even when the diameter changes, the cutter performs the shortest possible stroke, preventing accidents caused by gaps between different cycle times or incorrect adjustments.
3. 3-step automatic speed shifting
Cutting starts slowly and gradually speeds up. After the paper tube is cut, the speed reduces again, and when the cutting is completed, the machine returns to the original position at full speed.
4. Automatic chucking
5. Automatic shaft base lifting (by pneumatic force)
6. Automatic polishing device (CVT)
After every pre-defined number of operations (CVT), the cutter is polished using a Borazon grinding stone (for long life use). One-touch with easy angle adjustment.
7. Dimension and item number settings (no limit on the number)
One-touch operation on a color LCD touch panel
8. Automatic detection of the fabric edge
By just pressing a button, the cutter automatically moves to the edge of the fabric, ready for operation.
9. Automatic speed reduction on the chuck side
When the end of the fabric is approaching, cutting speed is automatically reduced to avoid fabric misalignment, which commonly happens when only little fabric remains. This function guarantees a perfect finish without any dimension errors right to the very end of the fabric.

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Company information

IBS Inc. IBS Inc.

Products and services features

Maximum roll diameter: φ300 mm
Maximum sheet width: 1600 mm
Cutter rotation speed: 0 ~ 560RPM CVT
Chuck rotation speed: 0 ~ 420RPM CVT
Cutter cutting speed: 0 ~ 100 mm/sec.
Cutter return speed: 150 mm/sec.
Cutter lateral movement speed: 150 mm/sec.
Dimensional accuracy: ± 0.1mm
Cutting width: 3 mm or more
Machine dimensions: 3150 × 1350 × 1400
Machine weight: 950Kg
Power supply: 3-phase 200V
Electric capacity: 4kw
Air source: 0.75kw

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Usage / example

[Applicable materials]
• Fibers, fabrics
• Interlinings
• Non-woven fabrics
• Glass fibers
• Leather
• Adhesive tapes
• Foams
• Rubber
• Tarpaulins
• Transparent PVC
• Carbon sheet
• Paper
• Films
• Composite materials
• Metal foils, etc.




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