Thickness measurement instruments

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Thickness measurement instruments

Thickness measurement instruments

A wide range of high-performance pressure control equipment for controlling pressure. Several types of control devices are needed to cover all requirements.

[Product lineup]
• Spectroscopic ellipsometer
• Reflectance film thickness meter
• Laser ellipsometer

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Industrial Machinery/Devices 

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IBS Inc. IBS Inc.

Products and services features

■ Features
[Spectroscopic ellipsometer]
With its simple operation, this product measures any materials from multi- to single layer films.
No limitation on the thickness of the membrane layers, which can be measured from 1nm to several hundred μm.
With a single measurement, multilayer film thickness and refractive index are both measured. As well several hundred sets of PSI and Del data can be collected or optical band gaps measured.

[Reflectance film thickness meter]
Using the reflected light in the range of ultraviolet to near-infrared, this optical interference film thickness meter enables multilayer film thickness measurement and optical constant analysis.
By employing the spectroscopic method, non-contact and non-destructive film thickness measurement is performed with high reproducibility and a great degree of accuracy.
Applied to a wide measurement range of thin to thick films. (10nm ~ several hundred μm)

[Laser ellipsometer]
The thickness and refractive index of thin films are measured with great reproducibility.
Refractive index can be measured together with film thickness.
Applied to film thickness measurement for a range of 10nm to several hundred μm of single layer films.
Film thickness and refractive index measurement of oxide semiconductor films, nitride films, resists, ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), etc.

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Usage / example

■ Applications
[Spectroscopic ellipsometer]
Semiconductors, silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, LED, OLED, AMOLED, LCD, touch panels, various coatings, etc.

[Reflectance film thickness meter]
Functional films, plastics, semiconductors, compound semiconductors, surface treatments, optical materials, FPD, etc.

[Laser ellipsometer]
Semiconductors, silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, LED, OLED, AMOLED, LCD, touch panels, various coating, etc.




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