High Volume Air Sampler "HV-500R"

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High Volume Air Sampler "HV-500R"

High Volume Air Sampler "HV-500R"

Dust measurement at work sites or dioxin sampling of incinerators!

High Volume Air Sampler “HV-500R” is designed for suction amounts of 100 ~ 800L / min, and is compact for easy sampling and mobility at sites.
Used in combination with a variety of options, such as inertia impaction particle sizer and shuttle tubes, this product allows a wide variety of applications as an air sampler at workplaces and in diverse atmospheric conditions.
In addition to the HV-500R for general dust, HV-500R-4S for aerosol (PM4) in work environments, the HV-500RD (maximum suction flow rate 400L / min) and HV-500RD1 (maximum suction flow rate 800L / min) for dioxins are also available.

• Constant flow rate
• Measurement data recording
• Error log
• Touch-panel display unit
• Great flow rate correction (20 ℃ 1 atm / 25 ℃ 1 atm / actual flow rate)
• Particle sizers for PM10, PM4 and PM2.5 (optional)

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Chemical Materials/Products  Construction  Construction/Mining Machinery

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Products and services features

• Product item code: 080130-31
• Model: HV-500R (for dust)
• Standard suction flow rate: 500L / min
• Pre-set flow rate range: 100 ~ 800L / min
• Accuracy of constant flow rate: within ± 5% for the pre-set flow rate
• Flow rate detection: differential pressure detection method
• Flow rate compensation: 20 ℃ 1 atm / 25 ℃ 1 atm / actual flow rate
• Outside air temperature sensor: semiconductor sensor
• Atmospheric pressure sensor: silicon type
• Suction pump: brushless motor
• Filter paper: φ110mm
• Display: LCD touch-panel (with backlight)
• In case of power outage, the remaining sampling is automatically continued after power is restored
• Recording function: last 5 sets of measurement data are recorded
• Recorded items
→ Measurement time, integration time, integrated flow rate, pre-set flow rate, average flow rate, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and error log
• Error items: power supply, flow rate, pressure and blower
• Operating temperature range: 0 ~ 40℃
• Dimensions: 425 (W) × 200 (D) × 271 (H) mm
• Weight: approx. 8.0kg
• Power supply: AC180 ~ 264V (50 / 60Hz

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Usage / example

• Dust measurement at workplaces such as factories
• Dioxin sampling at incinerators
• Dioxin sampling during waste incineration facility demolition work
• Used with particle sizer (optional), sampling of 100% removal of over 10μm particles is achieved

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