Real-time Dust Monitor "FLD-1" for outdoor use

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Real-time Dust Monitor "FLD-1" for outdoor use

Real-time Dust Monitor "FLD-1" for outdoor use

Ideal for dust monitoring at factory plant perimeters or doing dust concentration checks at construction sites.

Conventional portable dust monitors are handy, but they are not suitable for continuous monitoring as they are designed for measuring just for short periods. In addition, for outdoor use, you need a cabinet for protection from wind and rain as well as sampling lines.
Real-time Dust Monitor “FLD-1” is designed for use in outdoor environments because the light-scattering dust monitor is installed in a cabinet to make it suitable for continuous outdoor monitoring. You can monitor outdoor dust concentrations without any product alternation.
In addition, a wide variety of built-in output functions make it possible to monitor dust concentration using multiple units at facility perimeters or construction sites.

• Built-in sampling pump and filter paper holder
→ Can be used while measuring with dust monitor
• Built-in dehumidifier
→ Reduces the influence of fog
• Wide variety of output functions
→ Monitor dust concentration at facility perimeters or construction sites
• Various options are available
→ Weather meter (wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity) and PM2.5 cyclone particle sizers
• Built-in light-scattering dust monitor

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Construction  Construction/Mining Machinery  Woodworking/Wood Products

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Products and services features

• Product item code: 080040-63
• Model: FLD-1
• Measurement principle: light scattering method
• Light source: laser diode
• Measurement sensitivity: 0.001mg / m³
• Measurement range: 0.001 ~ 100mg / m³
• Measurement accuracy: ± 10% (for calibration particles)
• Display data: dust concentration, suction flow rate, pressure, heater temperature
→ Options: wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity
• Mass concentration conversion coefficient: 0.10 to 99.99
• Suction pump: diaphragm type
• Pump suction flow rate: 1.7L / min
• Flow temperature conversion: 20 ℃, 1 atm
• Flowmeter: mass flow sensor
• Filter diameter: φ47mm
• Display: LCD with backlight (20 × 4)
• Sampling lines: dehumidifying heater (10W)
• External dimensions: (excluding protruding sections) 400 × 200 × 860mm
• Weight: approx. 14kg
• Power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz 0.5A

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Usage / example

• Dust concentration control at construction sites
→ Monitoring and remediation of dust generated by demolition work
→ Prevention of dust being distributed to neighboring areas during construction
→ Monitoring of dust generated by heavy machinery, etc.
→ Safety control and dust scattering prevention to surrounding areas during transport of soil or rubble containing dioxin, asbestos or any other hazardous substances
• Monitoring at the perimeters of factory premises
→ Dust source monitoring
→ Evaluating the effects of countermeasures against the dust source
→ Monitoring and prevention of dust being distributed to surrounding areas
→ Monitoring dust containing hazardous substances as a safety measure for workers
• Power supply: AC100 ~ 240V

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